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Shanghai Huahui extension Pharmaceutical Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in August 2015 by Zhejiang Huahai pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd wholly owned investment incorporated, registered capital of 20 million yuan, the company is located in Shanghai national biomedical science and technology industrial base - Shanghai Zhangjiang High tech Industrial Development Zone of the Central Park of Zhangjiang High Tech park. Dr. Ge Jian led the team by the national "thousand people plan", mainly to carry out research and development of 1.1 kinds of new drugs, committed to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, neuropsychiatric and innovative drugs for cancer research and development.

At present, the company has successfully introduced 1.1 kinds of new drug projects, a phase of clinical research is carried out, and a number of 1.1 types of new drugs to discuss the project. The objectives of the company in 2018 to innovative drug research and development level of the leading domestic research and development, and the establishment and improvement of a high level of R & D team has a number of innovative drugs -- leading talent; have a high level of senior R & D personnel; to establish drug development evaluation system and high level assessment team, to achieve high level of scientific research on the development of independent and license in project. In the central nervous, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic drugs in the field of the formation of Huahai advantage.

Company people-oriented, pay attention to personnel training, and provide a fair and equitable development platform for employees.

The purpose of the company: the use of human resources, technological innovation, innovation, for customers, employees, shareholders and social services, strive for first-class social and economic benefits, and promote the rapid development of social economy.

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